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A beautiful insulated ceiling allows you to keep your existing roof in place and fully insulate the inside.


The unique insulation quilt is installed by our experts before a stunning, bright, light and airy ceiling is creating using white tongue and groove PVCu insulated shiplap cladding.

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"My Conservatory Is Unbearably Hot In The Summer

and Intolerably Cold In The Winter"

Like a lot of people, I was delighted to have a conservatory built on my property some years ago.

My husband and I are very proud of our modest gardening skills and wanted to have a

nice room where we could sit and relax and enjoy the delights of the seasons as nature worked

it's magic around our garden throughout the various seasons.


Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, I had no idea just how uncomfortable our

conservatory would be for most of the year. We had opted for a polycarbonate roof,

as this was the 'best' material available at the time.As soon as the winter started and

the temperatures were low outside, our conservatory turned into an icebox.

Amazingly, it was colder in our conservatory than outside! Despite the fact we had

a radiator installed and backed this up with a small electric fan heater. it was

impossible to keep the temperature high enough to use the room for any

purpose whatsoever.


So we firmly closed the adjoining doors and effectly had a no go area for several

months. No hope of enjoying Christmas dinners with the family in our special room

and definitely no hope of letting our grandchildren play in the conservatory, it was

simply too cold. As an aside, the one thing that really used to drive me mad was the

noise from the rain. Even a shower sounded like hailstones drumming off the roof and

even with a door between our living room and the conservatory, we often had to turn up

the TV to drown out the horrendous noise.


To be fair, Springtime was a time that we were able to use the room for a short while. The temperature

became bearable and apart from the terrible noise from rain when it rained, or the glare from the sun

making watching our TV set impossiible, we were able to at least sit in the room for short bursts.


But the the Summer would arrive and with it, temperatures that were simply horrendous. I once

used a thermometer to record a temperature of 50 degrees Celcius in our conservatory. With no

shade from the sun beaming through the polycarbonate roof, the colour of my lovely furniture faded

dramatically, my plants all wilted and died and once again, we had to shut the doors and not enter

the room for the majority of the time. Our beautiful conservatory, which we had hoped would be a really

pleasant place to relax and enjoy was effectively a very large and expensive sauna or a fridge.


I was recommended to Insulated Conservatories through a friend who had had an insulated ceiling

installed asd asked for their advice. I was really pleased with the friendly and expert people who arranged

for a representative to visit us. There were three options to solve all of our problems, an insulated ceiling,

an upgrade to a Pilkington Activ Blue glass roof, or an upgrade to a tiled effect insulated roof.


We chose an insulated ceiling and I have to say, it is amazing. We use our conservatory every single day of the year. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, it's bright, airy and always comfortable. We love it.

Sound Familiar?

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"I only wish

I'd had it done

years ago!"


An upgrade to a stunning Pilkington Activ Blue glass roof can be achieved in just one day. The treated glass keeps your conservatory warm in winter by offering excellent insulation, whilst keeping your conservatory cool in summer by reflecting the UV rays and glare away. It allows light in but offers superb temperature control.


As an alternative to an extension or to produce a room that can be used for literally any purpose, 365 days a year, the stunning tiled effect conservatory roof  system is an ideal option.


Manufactured by Guardian, this  is the only roof system that has been certificated for use in the UK as a conservatory upgrade.


A very popular choice for customers who have inherited a conservatory that is need of a total refresh or upgrade.


The very latest energy efficient windows and doors are installed along with a choice of roof designs and materials to give your conservatory that 'good as new' look and feel.

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